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The different website design trends you should be excited for in 2017

2016 is done – what a year it has been! We discovered the possibilities of self-driving cars, virtual reality, drones delivering packages – the list is endless. But, what about website design trends?

Here are the top 5 website design trends we’re super stoked about for 2017 – and you should be too!

1) More Customized Animations


Gone are the days of slapping a photo on the page. Let’s take it a step further and add movement to icons, logos, and textures. It’s possible to do anything with animation – the only limit is your imagination. Of course, it’s important to create a strategy with animations to attract your customers or else it’ll look spammy.

2) Fullscreen Videos


Does your team have a superb personality, which it can only be captured on video? Or, maybe your office is packed with technology? Either way, fullscreen videos is another design trend we’re super excited about for 2017. This unique technology allows us to play your professional video in the background silently, and if the user wants to watch your video, we can add a call to action to play the video. Very 2017!

3) Making Content Shine


In the past, websites were all about complicated designs – frills, shiny movement, etc. For 2017, users are looking for simple designs and MEANINGFUL content. That doesn’t mean writing five paragraphs mentioning why you’re the best; it means creating content that solves your customers’ problems. How do you help them? Why do you do what you do?

Content is design. This could mean making your statements stand out, huge fonts, etc. When you’re planning the content, think of the design of it and how you’re going to grab your customers’ attention.

4) Simplistic, but Unique Designs

A collection of website on various devices to show unique Design is a trend for 2017

A simplistic design doesn’t mean BORING! Instead of the frills and clutter, we’re excited to add subtle design elements to make websites pop. I’m talking about adding depth to the website design that draws your user to keep scrolling. This could include 3D images, shadow dividers, huge font sizes, subtle textures, etc. The list is endless!

5) Responsive Grids


Responsive grids allow us to showcase your beautiful office, team’s personality, and high-end technologies while adding text that describes your uniqueness, making your website modern, engaging, and a storyteller. The best part: These grids look amazing on any device!

Stoked For the Future?


We sure are! Want all this fanciness on your website? At Roadside, we are the experts in website design trends and can craft a website unique to YOU!

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