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The BEST dental websites of 2018

Building the best dental websites in the industry is our pride and joy. For nearly 20 years, Roadside has been known for producing effective, beautiful, brand-building dental websites that are anything but ordinary (no cookie cutter websites here!)

2018 was no exception! Throughout the year, our team worked tirelessly to create websites that reflect our clients’ values, address real patients’ questions, and break down barriers. Building the best dental websites is truly a collaborative effort between our designers, developers, content strategists, and SEO team.

We’re incredibly proud of our team’s hard work, but often, what makes a website truly great is the dentist and dental team featured within it. We LOVE working with our clients to help them discover and show off their “WHY!” Below, check out our favorite sites of 2018 and learn why they made the list.

2018’s best dental websites revealed!

Kelsey's choice for best dental website of 2018 - Night and Day Dental

Kelsey, SEO Director | Night and Day Dental 

“I chose this site as my favorite because of a few factors. One, I love the look and feel of the site and how the flow compliments the brand. I also love the fact that since launching, their organic traffic grew from just over 2K unique visits a month to over 4K and they now have a monthly organic traffic value of $21K. What this means is that if they were to pay for the traffic they are already receiving via search/referral it would cost them over $20K a month.”


Shannon's choice for best dental website of 2018 - Straightwire Consulting

Shannon, Co-Founder & Chief Cheerleader | Straight Wire Consulting

“Love, love, love the fresh unique design. It’s very different than their competition. This site is fresh, fun, and real (just like Straight Wire’s dynamic consulting duo!). The design and movement keep your attention through the whole site!”


Whitney's choice for the best dental website of 2018 - Skyblue Orthodontics

Whitney, Marketing Director | Skyblue Orthodontics

“I LOVE this site for several reasons. First and foremost, their lively personal photos really show off the friendly personalities of the doctor and team. They clearly love what they do and it shows! Second, the content throughout the site is written in a way that immediately addresses and breaks down barriers – and it’s FUN! #GetYourSmileOn”


Mel's choice - Green Hills Pediatric Dentistry

Mel, Content and Conversion Director | Green Hills Pediatric Dentistry

“I picked this website as the best dental website because of the fun bright colors, the marketing message, and all of the conveniences she offers to her clientele. Parents can book their child’s appointment online right away and fill out the patient forms online. This is very convenient for parents and an excellent way to increase conversions!

“Parents can easily message the office if they have any questions – all of this can be done right on the homepage. From another conversion perspective, the marketing message is unique (patients are VIP, we take dentistry seriously but not ourselves, big believer on tooth-colored dentistry, etc.) and the doctor is fun and is active on social media. This is a good example of an office who couldn’t do a photoshoot but we were able to show off that unique personality and marketing message with the feed and graphics.”


Charlie's pick for one of the best dental websites

Charlie, Creative Director | Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry

“From a branding standpoint, Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry is spot on. Their website immediately builds trust with amazing photography, and a tight, curated brand. While some team photos are goofy and relatable, there are also plenty of office images interspersed, working to give patients (and parents!) a great idea of the space, and what to expect when visiting.

“There is enough information to scroll through the homepage and really get a sense of the practice at a glance, but if you’re wanting more, there are several actions that invite you into the site where you can dig into more specific details.

“Overall, the colors flow seamlessly – giving the site structure – but even more importantly, the array of color add a pop of fun, which is key when catering to kids!”


Aesthetic Dental Center, Dominique's fave dental website of the year

Dominique, Lead Development Designer | Aesthetic Dental Center

“I chose this site because it’s very bright and open with fun pics of the team that show off their personality while contrasting with the darker color tones and professional feel of the practice. It doesn’t feel like a chore to read because the content is all broken up nicely.”


Atlanta Place Dentistry is Arron's favorite website of 2018

Arron, Development and Content Strategist | Atlanta Place Dentistry

“Atlanta Place Dentistry provided us with a clear warm and welcoming vision and lots of great info to write unique and interesting content. They knew the type of site they wanted and the voice they were looking for too. They gave us some great photos and creative freedom so we could take the site to the next level. I especially like the design and little animations/movements we put into place!”

YOU could have one of the best dental websites of 2019!

If you’re a dentist, orthodontist, or healthcare provider and you’d love to take your own website up a notch, please get in touch! Roadside’s been building the best dental websites for years and we’re here to help. Here are a few quicklinks to helpful resources:

Evaluate your current website with this Website Wake-Up Call tool.
Learn 3 reasons to choose Roadside in this video.
Check out our portfolio to view more website inspiration.
Schedule a time with Angela to discuss your own new website!

How about you? What’s your favorite dental website of the year? Comment below and share a link!



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