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Imagine being able to create a tweet that not only promotes your dental practice but spans the entire width of your Twitter profile. I am sure you would agree that it would be hard to miss when a patient visits your profile?

Well, that’s exactly what the newly re-designed Twitter page offers your dental practice. The new branding options (including a larger header image) really allow you to make your Twitter profile a true extension of your website.

But how can you make the most of these branding options? Are there any restrictions you need to know about? Do you need to be a design genius to make it look good?

Fortunately, this blog will answer these questions while providing some best practices and ideas.

Header Image

Dimensions: 1500×500 pixels

Guidelines: No offensive material or use of official Twitter badges are permitted. Click here for full guidelines.

Best Practice: The header image is the first thing a user will see when they land on your profile. You want them to instantly recognize your brand or at the very least understand who the profile represents.


To make your dental practice stand out try using a team or office photo along with your logo. Alternatively, showcase a product or a service (like in the image below)This will make your potential patients familiar with your team and keeps consistency from your website.

Don’t be afraid to change your photo on a regular basis – especially if you are running promotions or offers. You can use this space to boost these campaigns.

Profile Picture

Dimensions: 400×400 pixels

Guidelines: No offensive material or use of official Twitter badges are permitted. Click here for full guidelines.

Best Practice: Your profile picture will appear next to each tweet you create. You can see why it is important to use an image that clearly represents your brand. Using a logo, photo of your dentist or a photo of the face of your brand (e.g. a mascot) allows people to become familiar with your brand.

Background / Theme Color

Dimensions: Maximum file size 2MB

Guidelines: No offensive material or use of official Twitter badges are permitted. Click here for full guidelines.

Best Practices: Your background image should be consistent with your website design or at least make it clear that it represents your business. Twitter offers a selection of stock background images or you can upload your own image.

You can also choose a “theme color”, which is the color in which links and highlighted text will appear. Again keep this consistent with your color scheme to provide recognizable branding. These small touches can really make your dental practice stand out as a company who excels in attention to detail – something that we all look for in a dentist.

Many view branding as a small part of marketing, but it can make a huge impact on current and potential patients. It makes your social profiles instantly recognizable and shows you have an eye for detail. There are many advantages to spending a little time getting your branding right.

For official Twitter instructions on branding your page click here.

At Roadside we specialize in social branding for dental practices – if you would like some assistance please contact us!

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