Our entire team is sending positivity your way and a virtual hug (or elbow bump!) during these uncertain and stressful times.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

First and above all, we want to help you help others.❤️

Check back regularly, as we’re updating our resources frequently.

First impressions are everything. If you had a new customer walk through your doors, you’d bend over backward to leave a great first impression and ensure he or she is satisfied with your services.

It’s the same thing with your website. It’s what your customers are going to see first and make a swift judgment about your business, which is why it’s CRUCIAL to have incredible content to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

When we say content, we’re not talking about a 5-paragraph essay smack-dabbed on your homepage (yawn!). You need to strategize your content by breaking it down to solve your customers’ needs and desires.

Seems like a lot to take in? Never fear! We’ll make this nice and easy for you with our 6 step-by-step guide to creating real website content that will drive customers to your place of business.


Roadside Dental marketing - Guising You To Success with great website content


Step 1: Gather REAL content – There’s a reason customers don’t read paragraphs upon paragraphs of content – it’s boring! This type of content doesn’t market who you are as a business. Your content needs to be funny and real – shows off your personality! Some ways you can do this:

  • Have a photo or video shoot. Have shots of you and your team laughing and smiling with customers. Photos of your business personalizes your website, giving it a personality.
  • Write your content like you were talking to your customer. Make it real and conversational.
  • Showcase your social media presence
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines – make your customers hungry for more

When you gather all of your assets, proceed to step 2.


Your website isn't a text book. Make it fun and interesting to read with engaging website content


Step 2: Find your UVP – You’ve gathered all of your amazing assets, now you need to start thinking of your message. You need to find your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to differentiate yourself from the competition. Your UVP focuses on the “why” of your business (why does it matter? Why do you love it?, etc.) Your UVP will set the basic message for your website, and you can find your UVP in THIS ARTICLE.

Step 3: Solve your buyers’ problems – You mapped out your UVP, but how does your UVP solve your customers’ problems? How are your services beneficial to your customers? This may require some digging on your end, but here are some examples you could use:

  • Tell and illustrate a story, testimonial to help them visualize themselves benefiting from service (see step 4)
  • Write a timeline of what the customer can expect with your business
  • Use graphics and short headlines to help visualize the benefits your business offers

Step 4: Prove it! – Your services may be amazing, but how do your customers know that? Your word won’t do anything unless you have testimonials from your customers. Tip: Ask your favorite customers for testimonials, and have them describe:

  • What their problems were.
  • Why they went to you.
  • How you solved their problems.

If a potential customer sees another customer experiencing the same problem and YOU solved it, it automatically builds trust.

Step 5: Include incredible CTAs (call-to-actions) and promotions – When you are laying out your website content, it’s all about dangling those carrots to get your potential customers to act NOW. Promotions are an excellent way to build trust and convert customers – who doesn’t like free stuff?

Step 6: Be sure your content is seen on ALL devices – Your message is clear and your content is award-worthy. However, if your customers can’t see your message on all devices (smartphones, tablet, desktop), you could be losing a big chunk of potential customers.


Great website content is always readable and always accesible

Start Writing!

You only leave a first impression once…make it count! You’ve created a business to help your customers; be sure your content portrays that.

Roadside specializes in writing and designing responsive websites, making your message viewable on all devices. Learn more about our 30 Day Killer Websites and request your free quote.

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