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dental marketing

Picture this: you’re new to town, and you’re eating at a restaurant. You bite down on something unexpectedly hard and BOOM! Your tooth has a stabbing, shooting pain and you need to find a dentist – immediately! What do you do?

If you’re like the majority of people, you’ll whip out your smart phone, fire up your favorite search engine, and look up “emergency dentist.” Because your phone likely knows your location, relevant ads and listings pop up on the screen, showing you places that offer emergency dental services within a close proximity.

What about the dentist?

Now let’s flip to the other side of the screen- if you’re an emergency dentist 2 blocks away from that patient in need- where do you want to be on that screen? Do you want to be in the ad at the top of that page? What about in the spot for maps? How about in the middle area at the top? Or, better yet, would you like to be featured on ALL of those locations? By being everywhere patients look, it makes their decision very simple, and before you know it, they’re clicking your ad, checking out your well-designed website, and calling you!

That call isn’t the end of the process though … That phone call gets instantly redirected to your office, and now you can KNOW that they called you from that ad. You even know instantly because our YP PPC provider gives you “YP Whisper” which tells your staff that an incoming call is from your PPC ad! That call gets counted as a “lead” and now you have PROOF that your online marketing is working; this is THE reason you’ve acquired your new patient. Every month, you’re given a report of how many leads you’ve received, so you can see the accumulated tally and see how your dental marketing is improving.

Easy to find = More patients, better referrals.

Not only that, but when you and your office staff do a great job treating that emergency patient, they come back as a regular patient, bring their family, AND recommend you to their friends. All because of the fact that you made it easy for them to find you, gave them a great experience on your site, and made it simple for them to call you!

To learn how to do Dental Practice Pay-Per-Click (Dental PPC), Website Design, and SEO right, contact the Roadside Dental Marketing team today at (360) 283-5001!

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