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Why focus on lead generation? Conversions, baby! Lead Generation helps grow your business by helping you gather leads via email by tempting potential patients with free informational downloads. This temptation gives you and your team the chance to follow up on these leads, converting to potential patients.

In my previous blog, I gave a brief list of the benefits of Lead Generation:

  • You can increase your online reach through better SEO.
  • Free downloads offer informative content, establishing you as the expert.
  • The leads you receive are hand-raisers proactively indicating their interest.
  • Pages are designed to attract and convert your target audience.
  • Receive a collection of names and contact information for interested parties.

In this blog, I’ll show you real-life stories where clients gathered new leads through Lead Generation, making their businesses more credible and trustworthy via online.

Reader warning: If you’re asking yourself “what is Lead Generation?” visit my previous blog, which highlights that very question.

ProGrin Dental

lead generation

The ProGrin team loves to push Invisalign – we all know the extraordinary benefits of this procedure! By highlighting Invisalign using Lead Generation, ProGrin received over 20 downloads – from real patients who are interested and inquiring about this service.

With these new leads (hand-raisers indicating interest), ProGrin can reach out to these people and help them along on their journey to finally purchasing Invisalign!

McMillan & Associates

lead generation

Dr. McMillan is the expert in comprehensive dentistry, sedation, and dental implants in his area. We push that expertise using Lead Generation and the people followed.

Here are the results:

  • Comprehensive Dentistry Lead Generation: 106 downloads
  • Sedation Lead Generation: 73 downloads
  • Dental Implants Lead Generation: 72 downloads

McMillan even had patients CALL his office and mention these downloads, piquing their interests to learn more.

Promotion and Teamwork the Lead Generation Way

These two examples didn’t get amazing results from building the page and leaving it there. These teams promoted their downloads in the office and online.

McMillian is a great example where their downloads were utilized and promoted in the office and online, receiving many entries, which turned into possible new patients.

At Roadside, we’re here to help clients grow their businesses in meaningful, measurable ways. Lead generation pages allow us to do just that. Each page is customizable to a particular topic or service, enabling us to focus on the areas of growth our clients need.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact our main office line at 360-658-2626 or your Account Manager.

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