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We all know that online reviews can bring a number of benefits to your dental practice, including word of mouth marketing, improved brand reputation, and more. However, one big problem is that many patients who agree to leave a review never actually do it.

One common reason for this is that they simply forget or don’t have time once they leave your practice.

With this in mind, I am sure you would agree that it would be more effective if patients could leave a quick review when they are actually in your office.

Google Maps

Good news! This is a possibility thanks to Google Maps.

Eh? What’s Google Maps got to do with anything?

Well, what many businesses do not realize is that they can ask their customers to leave a Google review instantly via the Google Maps app on their mobile.

To help your dental practice avoid missing out on patient reviews here is a quick tutorial on how to leave a review using the Google Maps app.

Before we start, just note that I am using Google Maps on iOS to leave a review, but the process is almost identical for Android.

Step 1

Install and open Google Maps.title-maps

 Step 2

Navigate to the “hotdog icon” in the bottom left – it looks like three horizontal lines. Tap on this icon and then go to the “Settings” option.


Step 3

Sign in to your Google+ account.


Step 4

Go back to the maps page and search for the business you wish to review. Once you find the business – select it. Tap on the reviews section and scroll down.


Step 5

Rate business out of five stars and then write a short, but helpful review.


Step 6

Publish your review and read it through. You can use the “edit this review” button to make any amendments.

Your review is now live on the business’s Google+ page. It is that simple!

Your patients can easily use this method to leave you a review straight after their dental appointment in less than two minutes. That way they won’t forget!


So, remind your patients to leave a review and use this 6-step tutorial to teach them how to do so for your dental practice.

Do you have any successful tips for encouraging patients to leave Google reviews?

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