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Is Teledentistry right for you?

A Virtual Exam + Consultation Page will enable you to schedule patients remotely while your practice is closed or seeing a reduced number of patients.

Virtual / video consultations can be used for:

  • Dental questions or concerns

  • Evaluation to see if the situation is a dental emergency

  • Treatment or progress checkup

  • Treatment consultation

Many insurance providers are covering ADA Teledentistry codes as a covered service.

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Virtual consultation scheduling
Your page can include a form for scheduling, or we can integrate a third-party telehealth option such as:
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Teledentistry frequently asked questions:
  • What Is Teledentistry?

    Teledentistry in the plainest sense of the term is the use of online technology and telecommunications in order to provide dental care, consultations, and education.

  • How do you do dentistry over video?

    Qualified dentists and team members can provide recommendations for pain relief that can help your patients feel better immediately, including recommending appropriate medications if necessary. If the situation requires an in-person dental visit, you can schedule an appointment in-office to take care of the emergency.

  • What are the benefits of Teledentistry?

    Teledentistry can dramatically improve access to dental care, especially during health crises like COVID-19. It allows you to meet in real-time with your patients who have immediate oral health needs.

  • Is Teledentistry HIPAA compliant?

    Yes, as long as you utilize a recommended platform like those mentioned on this page, your end-to-end communication is secure and protected.